Welcome to the Oregon Ki Society

Our Motto

“Let us have a Universal Mind that loves and protects all creation and helps all things grow and develop.

To unify mind and body and become one with the Universe is the ultimate purpose of our study.”

— Koichi Tohei Sensei

Japanese character for Ki, calligraphy by Koichi Tohei sensei

The Oregon Ki Society (OKS) is a nonprofit educational service organization established in 1974 to spread Ki principles, Kiatsu®, and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido as taught by Master Koichi Tohei. The OKS provides a traditional Japanese dojo training environment for students of all ages and abilities. The programs are led by highly skilled instructors with 10 to 40 years teaching experience. All OKS instructors are certified by Ki Society HQ and receive ongoing instruction to stay current and maintain certification.

The OKS's Personal Kiatsu School teaches Master Tohei's methods for promoting physical and mental health. Created with the cooperation of Master Tohei, the Personal Kiatsu School is fully accredited by the Ki Society Headquarters in Japan.

Master Koichi Tohei is the founder of the Ki Society and his Ki principles are practiced worldwide. His son, Shinichi Tohei Sensei, now presides at the World Headquarters in Japan and travels overseas to teach. The Oregon Ki Society is affiliated with both the Northwest Ki Federation, and Ki Society HQ.

Jake Nice Sensei

Karl Jacob (Jake) Nice, longtime Oregon Ki Society Senior Instructor at Corvallis Dojo, passed away peacefully on December 16, 2014 at the age of 80. Nice Sensei shared Ki Principles with many thousands in the Corvallis area over his decades of teaching and lecturing. He was a strong plus ki person throughout his life. His booming voice led many a Ki Society toast. Jake Nice Sensei will be missed and long remembered by the Oregon Ki Society community.

A memorial for Jake Nice Sensei will be held at Corvallis Dojo (map) on January 25, 2015. All Ki Society members are invited as are family and friends of Jake Nice.