Kiatsu® (Ki pressing)

Ki does not flow well in a person who is ill or injured. Kiatsu® mobilizes a person's natural healing processes by restoring the flow of living energy. Ki pressing improves circulation, reduces tension, and enhances health. It also helps reduce or eliminate pain, stiffness, and swelling caused by stress or minor injury.

The Personal Kiatsu School provides a formalized approach to learning the universal principles of Ki. Students learn Kiatsu and Ki principles for improving health, increasing relaxation, and enhancing their daily lives. After students accomplish these goals for themselves, they can practice Kiatsu to enhance their family's health.

In Kiatsu classes you will learn:

Kiatsu means "pressing with Ki"

Mind and body coordination

  • Maintain correct posture and balance to eliminate physical stress
  • Relax completely to release mental and physical tension
  • Develop mental and physical calmness and stability
  • Fully activate your living power

Ki pressing

  • Learn the principles of Kiatsu
  • Learn to press for tension related problems and minor physical injuries
  • Learn Kiatsu techniques for pressing all parts of the body
  • Practice pressing yourself and other students during each class session
  • Self Kiatsu is taught to help you enhance and maintain your own health

Ki breathing

  • Improve metabolism and overall health
  • Fully draw out waste gases and richly supply fresh oxygen to the whole body
  • Increase mental calmness and concentration
  • Relax physically and feel spiritually connected

Ki meditation

  • Practice dynamic exercises
  • Improve mental focus and calmness
  • Deepen relaxation
  • Unify mind, body, and spirit

Ki health exercises

  • Stretch and lengthen muscles naturally
  • Develop your flexibility
  • Learn to coordinate mind and body in easy stretching movements

More information on Kiatsu

Find out more about getting started with Kiatsu training, general information about the school, or Personal Kiatsu School location and schedule.